Xi Xiaoyu


Name: Xi Xiaoyu
Academic Title: Lecturer
Educational Background:
1.2013,Doctoral Candidate,Economics,Central University of Finance and Economics
2.2012  MS  Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University
3.2009  BA  International economy and trade, China Pharmaceutical University
Professional Experiences:
Teacher of Business Administration,School of International Pharmaceutical Business, China Pharmaceutical University
Research Interests:
The research of drug law and policy based on the perspective of economics
Selected Publications:
1. A survey of the availability, prices and affordability of essential medicines in Jiangsu Province, China, 2015, 15,BMC Health Services Research
2.Research on the resources supporting force of the development of China's bio pharmaceutical industry cluster, 2015-03-09, Chinese Journal of New Drugs
3. Research on the influence factors of bio pharmaceutical industry agglomeration based on spatial measurement, 2015-01-10, Chinese Pharmacy
Tel: +86-13852297573
E-mail: cpuxixiaoyu@163.com