Li Hongchao


Li Hongchao
Educational Background:
2009 - present
Doctoral candidate in Social and Administrative Pharmacy,
China Pharmaceutical University
M.S. in Pharmaceutics, China Pharmaceutical University
B.S. in Economics, China   Pharmaceutical University
Professional   Experiences
2006.07 – present
Lecturer, School of International Pharmaceutical Business,
China Pharmaceutical   University
2013.05 - 2014.04
Visiting Scholar, Department of Clinical Epidemiology &   Biostatistics, McMaster University
2004.10 – 2006.01
Research Fellow, China Center for Pharmacoecnomics and   Outcomes Research, Peking University
Research Interests
Pharmacoeconomics/Health Technology Assessment/Health Policy Analysis
Selected   Publications:
1.Gordon Guoen Liu, Zhaohui   Dong, Jiuhong Wu, Hongchao Li, Jing Wu and Haijing Guan. 2015 China Guidelines for Pharmacoeconomic Evaluation   and Manual [M]. Science Press,   2015, 01. Beijing
2.Xuejing Jin, Gordon Guoen Liu, Nan Luo, Hongchao Li, Haijing Guan and Feng   Xie. Is bad living better than good death? Impact of demographic and cultural   factors on health state preference [J]. Quality   of Life Research. 2015 Available at:
3.Hongchao Li, Xiaoxin Li and Feng Xie. Economic evaluation of   bevacizumab versus ranibizumab in neovascular age-related macular   degeneration [J]. Chinese Journal of   ophthalmology. 2014, 50(6):426-33.
4.Hongchao Li, Changsheng Fan and Xuming Huang. Pharmacoeconomics   Evaluation of Gefitinib in the Treatment of Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung   Cancer [J]. Chinese Journal of New Drugs. 2012, 21(17):2077-85.
5.Hongchao Li, Fei Xu and Fan Wang. Cost-Effectiveness of Biphasic   Insulin Aspart 30 Combined with Metformin in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes   Mellitus [J]. Chinese Journal of New Drugs. 2011, 20(21):2163-70.