Ma Aixia


Ma Aixia
  doctor, professor, doctoral advisor of pharmacoeconomics of China Pharmaceutical University, dean of School of International Pharmaceutical Business of China Pharmaceutical University, member of Specialized Committee of Pharmacoeconomics of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, standing director of Association of Health Economics of Jiangsu Province, member of expert group of Pharmacoeconomic Assessment Criteria under “National List of Essential Medicine (NLEM)”.
1.Educational Background:
  2009 Ph.D., Social and Administrative Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University
  1983 BA, Economics, Nanjing University
2.Professional Experiences:
  2005 - present
  Professor, School of Pharmaceutical Business,China Pharmaceutical University
  1994 - 2005
  Associate professor, School of Pharmaceutical Business, China Pharmaceutical University
  1983- 1994
  Faculty member
  Shanxi College of Finance & Economics
3.Research Interests:
  International Economics and Trade(pharmaceutical)
  International Marketing
4.Selected Publications:
(1)International Pharmaceutical Trade-theory and practice(academic work) Pharmaceutical Press of China, 2006, 3
(2)Analysis on Difficulties of Pharmacoeconomics Research Journal of KunmingUniversity of Science & Technology, (Edition of Science) 2003, 6
(3)Establishing “Worldwide Factory”Against the Backdrop of Industrialization and Informationalization Journal of Business Times, 2003, 9
(4)Analysis and Studies on Chinese Establishment of  Worldwide Manufacturing Base Journal of Finance Research, 2003, 10
(5)The Teaching Contents and Methods of International Pharmaceutical Business American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 2001, 3
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