Wenxi Tang


Wenxi (Kammy) Tang
 Ph.D, Lecturer
Educational Background:
Huazhong   University of Science and Technology, Tongji   Medical College
Doctor of Social Science and Health   Management
China   Pharmaceutical University, School of International   Pharmaceutical Business
Bachelor of Economics
Professional Experiences
China   Pharmaceutical University
Lecturer of School of International   Pharmaceutical Business
2015.07- nowNanjing
Research Interests:
Health policy analysis
Health service research
Selected Publications:
1. Liang Z, Yan Z, Wenxi T and Ting Y. Health integration: guiding health system reform [M]. Science Press, 2014, 09. Beijing
2. Niehoff Jens-Uwe, Liang Z, Breinlinger O Reilly, Yinhuan H, Boyang L, Wenxi T, et al. Health management: the global perspective[M]. Science Press, 2015, 03. Beijing
3. Yan Zhang, Wenxi Tang* (co-first-author), Liang Zhang. National health insurance development in China from 2004 to 2011: coverage versus benefits [J]. PLOS ONE. 2015,5
4. Wenxi Tang, Xiaowei Sun, Yan Zhang, Ting Ye, Rui Hu, Liang Zhang. How to build and evaluate an integrated health care system for chronic patients: study design of a clustered randomized controlled trial in rural China [J]. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2015, 3
5. Xiaowei Sun, WenxiTang, Ting Ye. Integrated care: a comprehensive bibliometric analysis and literature review [J]. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2014,6
Contact Information:
Cell phone: +86-13770302713
E-mail: tokammy@163.com