Tian Lei


Name:Tian Lei
Academic Title:Lecturer
Educational Background:
China Center for Health Economic Research2011.3-2012.3Beijing
Research Fellow
China Pharmaceutical University, School of International2015.09-Nanjing
Pharmaceutical Business
Ph.D. candidate in Pharmacoeconomics
China   Pharmaceutical University, School of International Pharmaceutical Business
Master in Pharmacoeconomics
China   Pharmaceutical University, School of International   Pharmaceutical Business
Bachelor in Economic
Professional Experiences
Lecturer of School of International Pharmaceutical   Business China Pharmaceutical   University
2012.07- now
Research Interests:
Health Economic Research
Health Policy Analysis
Selected Publications:
1. Tian Lei. Meta-analysis of risk factors of Type 2 diabetes mellitus and coronary heart disease[J]. China Journal of Pharmaceutical Economics, 2013, 04
2. Tian Lei, Ma Aixa. Application of Meta analysis in the relationship between hospital ownership and medical quality[J]. Health Economics Research,2012,06
3. Tian Lei, Ma Aixa. An Empirical Study of Development of Private Hospital and Supply of Health Service in Suqian[J]. Drug Evaluation,2012,14
4. LIU Guoen, ZHANG Yuzhe, FAN Liya, Tian Lei. Cost-effectiveness of 3 common Neuroprotective Agents for Acute Ischemic Stroke[J]. Chinese Health Economics,2012,08
Contact Information:
Cell phone:+86-15850638851
E-mail: cputianlei@163.com