Wang Xingli


Name:Wang Xingli
Academic Title:Associate professor
Educational Background :
  1.2004  MA,  Economics, NanjingUniversity of Science & Technology
  2.1996  BA,  Industrial Foreign Trade, Nanjing University of Science & Technology
Professional Experiences:
  Associate professor, International Trade, School of International Pharmaceutical Business, China Pharmaceutical University
Lecturer, International Trade, School of Economics and Management, Yancheng Institute of Technology
Research Interests:
  1.International trade
  2.Pharmaceutical international business
  3.Pharmaceutical industry economics and management
Selected Publications:
  1.“Analysis of Style of Establishing Multiple Trading Company in China”,1998,3, East China Economic Management
  2.“ How to Establish Motivation Mechanism in State Owned Enterprises”,2002,12, Journal of Nanjing University of Science & Technology (Social Science)
  3.“the Impact of Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions Carried Out by Transnational Corporations on China’s Market Structure”,2006,5, Contemporary Economics
  4.“Analysis on Competitive Power of China’s Service Trade”,2011,3,China Economist
  5.“SWOT Analysis on the Development of International Medical Tourism Service Industry in JiangsuProvince”,2015,2, Jiangsu Commercial Forum
  Tel: +86-13611501283