Li Yong


Name: Li Yong
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: January 28, 1980
City and country of birth: An Qing City in An Hui Province, China
Country of Citizenship: Chinese
Profession/Position: Associate Professor in ChinaPharmaceuticalUniversity
Present telephone number and fax number:
Master in management (Sep.2002-Feb.2004), Business school of Hohai University
PhD in management (Mar.2004- Mar.2007), Business school of HohaiUniversity
Work Experience:
May 2007-May 2010:
Lecturer of Economics, Business school, ChinaPharmaceuticalUniversity
Since May 2010:
Associate Professor of Economics, Business school, ChinaPharmaceutical University
April 2013-April 2014:
Visiting scholar, Business school, Georgia state university
Teaching Courses:
Game Theory, Macroeconomics, Technological Economics and Management
Research fields:
Corporate finance;
Technological innovation
Main Research Projects:
Research on capital structure and financing strategies: based on Chinese listed companies (2010-2011);
Analysis on the relationship between capital structure and financing risk: taking Chinese medicine industry as example (2011-2012).
Selected Publications:
1.Total of 22 academic articles on journals of authority in field of economic and management, CSSCI journals and core journals.
2.Yong Li, Analysis on the dilemma in financing difficulty for China’s medium and small-sized enterprises along with the difficulty of private lending, and some suggestion for institutional reform, Contemporary Economic Management, 2012.12
3.Yong Li, Peng Li, Does Capital Structure Affect Corporation Value in Transition Economy? Empirical analysis Based on Panel Data of Chinese Listed Companies, Economic Survey, 2013,2
4.Yong Li, Is There Any Difference of Capital Structure among Different Industries? Empirical Analysis on Chinese Listed Companies, Forthcoming, 2013
5.Yong Li, Yang Fu, Empirical Analysis on the Micro-Influencing Factors on Capital Structure of Pharmaceutical Listed Companies in China, Forthcoming, 2013
6.Yong Li, Empirical Analysis on the Efficiency of Capital Allocation in Chinese Stock Market, Journal of Shanxi University of Finance & Economics, 2009,4
7.Yong Li, Game Analysis on the Ecologicalization of Enterprise Cluster, Journal of East China Economics & Manangement, 2008,10
8.Yong Li, Chuiyong Zheng, Enterprise Niche and Competition Strategies, Journal of Contemporary Finance & Economics, 2007,1