Zhou Qian


Name:Zhou Qian
Academic Title:Lecturer
Educational Background:
1.2013 Ph.D.,  Economics, Nanjing University
2.2010 MA, Economics, Nanjing University
3.2006 BA, Public Finance, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics
Professional Experiences:
Lecturer of Economics, School of International Pharmaceutical Business, China Pharmaceutical University
Postdoctoral Researcher at Business Administration Postdoctoral Research Station, Nanjing University
Research Interests:
1.Political economics
2.Environmental economics
3.Pharmaceutical industrial economics
Selected Publications:
1.“Dynamic equilibrium analysis of the environmental and economic growth——based on environmental Solow model”, 2014, 11, Inquiry into Economic Issues
2.“Bottleneck of China’s economics and environment--Based on population,scale and technical effect”,2015,10, Inquiry into Economic Issues
3.“Effect on China’s Environmental Quality--Based on the Perspective of Industrial Structure and Energy Structure”,2014,11,Science and Technology Management Research
4.“Empirical Study of Economic Growth impact on Environmental Quality”, 2014, 1, Statistics & Decision
5.“Technology Innovation Evolution and Economic development”, 2012, 10, Science Technology Progress and Policy
E-mail: zhouqiancat@126.com