Feng Guozhong



Feng Guozhong
Master Advisor
Professor in Management
1. Educational Background:
1979 - 1983 BA, Economics, Nanjing University
2. Work Experience:
1994 -present
Faculty member
School  of International Pharmaceutical Business
China Pharmaceutical University
1985 - 1994
Faculty member
School  of Economics and Management
Northwest University
1983 - 1985
State Economic Committee
3. Research Interests
Industrial Economics(pharmaceutical)
Technical Economics(pharmaceutical)
4. Selected Publications
(1)On Information Asymmetry of Medicine Circulation Journal of Pharmaceutical Industry of China, 2003, 3
(2)Economic Analysis on Misconduct of Medicine Marketing Journal of Chinese Pharmacist, 2003, 3
(3)Studies on Training Modes for Comprehensive Business Professionals of Pharmaceutical Industry in the New Era Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 2005, 2
(4)American Foods Recall System — an enlightenment for Chinese establishment of foods security system in rural areas Journal of Foods and Drug, 2005, 12
(5)Pharmaceutical Marketing Pharmaceutical Press of China, 2002, 6
5. Contact
Tel: +86-25-86632097
E-mail: fenzhongcpu@126.com