International Public Lectures are held


   At the invitation of our school, Prof.Anke-Peggy Holtorf delivered international public lectures titled“International Health Policies and Pharmaceutical Market Access” from November 14 through 17, 2016. She is a professor of University of Basel, Switzerland and a visiting professor of The University of Utah, USA. The lectures were attended by some postgraduate students and overseas students from our school.

   During the four days, Prof.Anke-Peggy Holtorf delivered lectures in English in seven themes, focusing on“International Health Policies and Pharmaceutical Market Access”. In the course of the lectures, she encouraged the attendants to think deeply and raise questions boldly, making the atmosphere very enthusiastic and active. In addition, eighteen doctoral students made development reports of their research topics respectively.

 The lectures help us in familiarizing strategies of health assessment and international rules of pharmaceutical market access, broadening our research versions and improving our English proficiency in academic exchange .


 A lecture by Prof. Anke-Peggy Holtorf

Prof. Ding Jinxi presenting Certificate of Lecture to Prof. Anke-Peggy Holtorf

A group photo