International O2O Video Teaching is Conducted


 In order to promote our teaching, our schoolsuccessfully conducted international O2O video teaching of “International Pharmaceutical Regulations”in collaboration with School of Pharmacy,University of Southern California(USC), USA. The teaching reform is based upon our course of “International Pharmaceutical Regulations” offered for the major of Pharmacy Administration, Grade 2013.

   In the online session, through bilateral consultation, Dr. Frances Richmond, Dr. Benson Kuo and others of USC delivered a 6-hour video teaching course, with the theme of  US Medical Insurance and Drug Reimbursement Policy.

    In the offline session, on November 24, 2016, Dr. Frances Richmond, Dr. Gerald Loeb and Dr. Benson Kuo of USC arrived in our school to carry out on-the-spot teaching. In addition, Dr. Frances Richmond made a report titled “Herbal Products in the US: Food, Drug, or Dietary Supplement?”. Dr. Gerald Loeb delivered another report themed as “Using Electrons as a Locally Administered Excitatory Neuromodulator”.  

 The move is our first attempt to combine international video teaching with on-the-spot teaching, exerting huge influence on our students majoring in Pharmacy Administration. It is a successful exploration in enhancing collaboration between our school and USC.


  A report by Dr. Frances Richmond

A report by Dr. Gerald Loeb

A group photo