The Membership Meeting of the Professional Committee of Pharmacoeconomics Closes Successfully


   On the afternoon of November 26, 2016, the membership meeting of the Professional Committee of Pharmacoeconomics of Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Association was held in Multifunctional Hall, Jiangnin Campus, CPU. Tens of leaders and experts attended the meeting.

    Jiangsu Province is a powerhouse in pharmaceutical industry. The successful holding of the meeting will further promote research and application of pharmacoeconomics , making the subject play a bigger role in pharmaceutical policy-making and industry development in Jiangsu Province.


A group photo of the membership of the Committee

A report by Dr. Guan Haijing, Peking University

A report by Dr. Yang Li, associate professor of Peking University

A speech by Prof. Ma Aixia, director member of the Committee

A work report by Dr. Li Hongchao, secretary-general of the Committee

A workshop