A pharmacoeconomical symposium is held in our school


On December 23, 2017, a pharmacoeconomical symposium was held in Meeting Room 233, Economcs & Arts Building, Jiangning Campus, CPU. The symposium, with the theme of “A Study on Pharmacoeocnomical Evidence and Procedure for Negotiation Access of Medical Insurance Catalogue” , was attended by over twenty senior experts from all over the country. The presider was Prof. Ma Aixia, dean of our school. A welcome speech was delivered by Ms Wu Jiayi, director of Department of Corporate Affairs and Market Access, Astra Zeneca (China) Co. , Ltd.

 A speech by Prof. Ma Aixia, dean of our school

A report by Prof. Shen Shanmei, vice director of Department of General Internal Medicine, Gulou Hospital, Nanjing

A report by Dr. Tao Libo, Shandong University

A report by Dr. Zhou Ting of our school

Discussion among experts