Name of Specialty: Marketing
Aim of Schooling:
We aim to cultivate senior comprehensive professionals equipped with knowledges and abilities of pharmacy, who are qualified to engage in marketing and marketing management in pharmaceutical businesses.
Requirements of Schooling:
The students should mainly study fundamentals of management, economics, marketing, law, logistics, master basics of modern business management, familiarize with properties and production technologies of pharmaceutical products, command basic methods of marketing research & forecast, basic skills of marketing. After graduation, they can undertake works of marketing and marketing management in pharmaceutical business.
Qualifications of Graduates:
1. To command fundamentals of management, economics;
2. To master fundamentals of pharmacy;
3. To grasp basic theories, professional knowledges and skills of modern marketing;
4. To command applied technology of computer and retrieval methods of literatures of medicine and management;
5. To have a good command of a foreign language.
Core Disciplines:
Management, Pharmacy, Marketing
Key Courses:
Management, Economics, Economic Law, Financial Accounting, Statistics, Marketing, Promotion Arts and Techniques, Science of Medicine Commodity, International Trade, Pharmaceutical Regulation, Advertising, Information Retrieval of Pharmaceutical Economy.
Length of Schooling:
4 academic years
Academic Degree Conferred:
Bachelor of Management