The department is the youngest one with 5 teachers including 1 associate professor, 4 lecturers. The faculty of the department have published tens of academic papers in several research fields of their advantages. The department undertakes 1 undergraduate program of Economics(oriented to medicine economics), 1 master program of Pharmacoeconomics and 1 doctoral program of Pharmacoeconomics. The department aims to cultivate senior compound professionals, who should understand theories of modern economics, command fundamentals of pharmacy and pharmacoeconomics, be capable of not only penetrating relevant fields of economics, but also assuming economic and management works in such sectors as economic and management departments of medicine, pharmacoeconomic assessment centers, financial institutions, research institutes and medicine businesses.
Faculty Members:
Cai Wangchun
Cao Yang(director)
Chen Zaiyu
Li Yong
Xu Wei
Zhang Wenjie
Zhou Qian