The department was established to meet the need of operational professional cultivation and scientific research of international medicine business. It aims to cultivate compound professionals with a sound basis of pharmacy and international economics by means of integration of both inside and outside resources, teamwork, bilingual teaching, and teaching of international case study. Meanwhile, the department conducts research on international trade and pharmacoeconomics, providing decision-making support, strategic analysis, operational consultation for various administrative agencies and business departments. The faculty of the department are composed of 1 professor, 5 associate professors, 3 lecturers, all of whom are master or above academic degree holders including 1 doctor, 4 doctoral candidates.
Through years of efforts, the department has achieved numerous accomplishments such as the first batch of Characteristic Specialty of Jiangsu Province for program of International Economy and Trade, Excellent Textbook of Jiangsu Province for self-compiled textbook, Excellent Course of CPU for key course of International Medicine Trade. Various awards at ministry, province or CPU level are given to backbone teachers of the department for their outstanding accomplishments in both teaching and research.
  Faculty Members:    
    Li Hongchao(director)
    Hu Xia (vice director)
    Kang Shanshan    
    Ling Xiaoxian
    Ma Aixia
    Liu Yongjun
    Tang Wenxi
    Tian Lei
    Wang Xingli
    Yi Hongyan
    Yu Zheng