Business Management is an applied discipline combining theories of modern economy and management with realities of operation management of Chinese businesses. The Business Management discipline of China Pharmaceutical University is characterized by long history and integrating business management with medicine industry. The program aims to cultivate senior professionals qualified for conducting research on modern business management, practical operation of business management, investment analysis and management of large and medium-sized projects. The candidates should grasp sound fundamentals of modern economics and management, proficiently apply economics and management into market practice, have abilities of independently analyzing and solving practical business problems with both quantitative and qualitative methods, be good at computer application, be proficient in a foreign language.

Key courses include Modern Business Theories, Methodology of Management Research, Modern Economics, Econometrics, Financial Management, etc. Current research areas cover business strategy and operation mechanism, technical economics and management of medicine, industrial economy and policy of medicine, production operation and registry management of drug, business operation management and diagnosis & consultation, etc.

Business Management

Admission Field 


Technical economy and management of 


Chu Shuzhen, Chang Feng, Xu Huaifu, 

Yan Shuangsheng, Mao Ningying

Industrial economy and management of 


Ma Aixia

Business operation management, 

diagnosis & consultation

Feng Guozhong

Business strategy and operation mechanism

Cao Yang

Production operation and registry 

management of drug

Liang Yi

Management of logistics and supply chain

Hou Yanhong