The Research Center of National Drug Policy & Ecosystem (NDPE) was jointly established by China Pharmaceutical University (CPU), Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, China Pharmaceutical Industry Research and Development Association (Sino-PhIRDA). It is a non-profit research institute integrating research of medicine policy and industrial economy, academic exchange and collaboration. Located in Jiangnin campus of CPU, NDPE is equipped with first rate facilities, exclusive offices. It is headed by San Guowei, academician of Chinses of Academy of Engineering (CAE). The vice standing director of NDPE is Lai Maode, principal of CPU. Concentrating excellent research talents, focusing on China and facing the world as well, centering on national drug policy and ecosystem of development of medicine industry and relevant hot issues, NDPE commits itself to provide advices for governments and related departments, to render strategic consultation for industrial development, in collaboration with relevant research institutes and consultant agencies both at home and abroad. NDPE is willing to join hands with peers to become a domestically excellent third-party think tank enjoying worldwide prestige, contributing to promoting scientific governance, medicine industry development and human healthcare.