Faculty in Public Administration Attends a Youth Scholar Forum


The 5th Youth Scholar Forum of Healthcare Management themed as “health governance and policy innovation” was held from 16th through 18th, October, 2020 in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province. It was also an academic salon for youth scholars sponsored by The Branch of Health Management, Chinese Preventive Medicine Association.

A team of our faculty in the field of public administration, co-led by Dr. Tang Wenxi and Dr. Zhou Jifang, attended the forum. At the invitation of the forum, Dr. Tang Wenxi presided over the sub-forum with theme of “health-related development of applying science”. Dr. Zhou Jifang was invited to deliver a keynote speech entitled “pharmacoepidemiology and improvement of healthcare quality”. The papers by 4 graduates of our school under the tutorship of Dr. Tang Wenxi were selected for poster presentation respectively with Ke Xiatong winning the Excellent Prize.