Social and Administrative Pharmacy is a new discipline aiming to direct healthy development of pharmaceutical cause with sociology, economics, law and management. The program aims to cultivate senior compound professionals in response to need of medicine cause. The candidates should have a deep understanding of pharmacy, management, law, possess good theoretical foundations and practical skills, master at least one foreign language, have abilities to analyze, assess, study, solve medicinal and social problems. As a secondary level discipline under pharmacy lately approved by the Ministry of Education, Social and Administrative Pharmacy differs from Pharmacy in the sense that it is a compound discipline with nature of social sciences and great value of application. Key courses include Intensive Interpretation of Pharmaceutical Regulation, Modern Economics, Administrative Management, Practice of Drug Quality Management, Research Methodology, Civil and Commercial Law, Serial Special Topics of Drug Management, etc. Current research areas cover medicine policy & regulation, IPRs of medicine, supervision and management of drug quality, economy and policy of medicine industry, reasonable use of pharmaceutical resources, international business of medicine, etc.

Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Admission Field 


Policy and regulation of medicine


Shao Rong, Chen Yongfa, Chang Feng, 

Xu Xiaoyuan, Lu Yun

IPRs of medicine

Ding Jinxi


and management of drug quality

Liang Yi

Industrial economy and policy of medicine

Chu Shuzhen, Feng Guozhong, Cao Yuang,

 Li Yibing, Mao Ningying

Reasonable use of pharmaceutical resources

Xu Huaifu

International business of medicine

Yu Zheng

Medical insurance 

Xu Wei