School of International Pharmaceutical Business (SIPB) was officially established in 1993, originally under the names of Specialized Department of Pharmaceutical Business Executives founded in 1983 and Department of Pharmaceutical Business Management founded in 1988. The school has been making efforts in constructing characteristic disciplines and specialties. There are 2 doctoral programs, 3 academic master programs, 2 professional master programs, 5 four-year undergraduate programs, 1 program of second bachelor degree in the school. The doctoral programs are composed of Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Pharmacoeconomics. The academic master programs consist of Business Management, Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Pharmacoeconomics. The professional master programs are made up of Administrative Pharmacy, Master of Public Administration (MPA). The four-year undergraduate programs are comprised of Business Administration, International Economy and Trade, Marketing, Economics and Pharmaceutical Administration. The program of second bachelor degree is Business Administration. The faculty of the school are composed of 62 persons including 45 full-time teachers, 4 teaching experimenters.Of full-time teachers, there are 7 full professors, 22 associate professors, 12 lecturers with 24 doctoral degree holders, 5 doctoral candidates. The teachers who have titles of associate professors or above and/or degrees of master or above account for 100% of the total. There are 13 full-time or part-time doctoral advisors including 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), and 22 full-time master advisors. Employing strong pharmaceutical advantages of China Pharmaceutical University (CPU), the school has been actively exploring ways to effectively combine medicine with management, economics and law. At present, the school has 1 National Excellent Course, 2 Excellent Courses of Jiangsu Province, 2 Excellent Textbooks of Jiangsu Province, 1 Key Specialty Cluster of Jiangsu Province, 3 Characteristic Specialties of Jiangsu Province, 1 Demonstration Center of Experimental Teaching of Jiangsu Province, 1 Sci-Tech Innovation Team sponsored by Qing Lan Project of Jiangsu Province. Over the past 5 years, the teachers of the school have undertaken over 140 research projects with paid sponsored funds approximating RMB¥14 million. In addition, they have published nearly 900 academic papers and over 30 items of key textbooks, books, works, and won many research awards for projects at ministry-or-province level and several first-class or second-class prizes of Provincial Teaching Achievements. As a result, a teaching team has taken shape, characterized by strong academic atmosphere, active thinking, excellence in teaching and research.

  Currently, the school has an enrollment of over 1700 undergraduates, over 240 master postgraduates, and over 70 doctoral postgraduates. In accordance with social demands, the school has cultivated a number of senior compound pharmaceutical professionals meeting requirements of the new century over years.

  Under the leadership of CPU, the school will make full use of internally endowed rich resources of pharmacy, focusing on its education guideline. In extensive exchange and collaboration with such departments as peer colleges, medicine businesses and governmental agencies, the school will exert itself to become a cradle for senior operational professionals of medicine, a research base and a think tank for solutions of prominent problems of both theory and practice in the field of integrating medicine with management.