Name of Specialty:
Business Administration
Aim of Schooling:
We aim to cultivate senior professionals equipped with both pharmacy and management science, who are qualified to engage in management of pharmaceutical businesses.
Requirements of Schooling:
The students should mainly study basics of management, economics and business management, master relatively comprehensive knowledge of pharmacy, receive fundamental discipline of business management, possess primary skills of pharmaceutical business management. They can undertake management in pharmaceutical business after graduation.
Qualifications of Graduates:
1. To command fundamentals of management, economics and modern business management;
2. To master fundamental pharmacy, social sciences and humanities relating to management science;
3. To familiarize with domestic policies and regulations, international practices and rules relating to business management;
4. To have basic abilities to independently conduct business operation planning, market research and tackle problems of business management;
5. To grasp applied technology of computer and have a good command of a foreign language.
Core Disciplines:
Pharmacy, Business Administration
Key Courses:
Management, Accounting, Statistics, Economic Law, Science of Medicine Commodity, Financial Management, Marketing, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Business Strategy, Management of Human Resources.
Length of Schooling:
4 academic years
Academic Degree Conferred:
Bachelor of Management