This program aims to cultivate highly qualified senior professionals for relevant research institutes, institutes of higher learning, departments of pharmaceutical legislation, agencies of medicinal administration. The candidates should have a deep understanding of pharmacy, management, law, be capable of undertaking independent and creative thinking with scientific research methods and conducting scientific research programs, have a good command of at least one foreign language. Key courses include Review on Medicinal Policy & Regulation, Medicine Economy and Industrial Policy, Advanced Research Methodology, etc. Current research areas cover national drug policy, pharmaceutical education and research, policy and strategy of TCM modernization.

Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Admission Field


Education and scientific research of  pharmacy 

Wu Xiaoming

Policy and strategy of TCM modernization

Yu Boyang

National drug policy and medicinal  policy & regulation

Shao Rong

Shao Mingli (part-time)

Sang Guowei (part-time)

Chen Yongfa

Pharmaceutical education and talent cultivation

Yao Wenbing

Medicine & health policy and operation strategy of pharmaceutical business

Wu Yingyu

Medicinal policy & regulation and medicinal IPRs

Ding Jinxi