An appointment ceremony is held for part-time tutors


An appointment ceremony, presided over by Prof. Xu Wei, vice dean of our school, was held for part-time tutors of MPA program in the Room 233 at our school on the morning of November 26, 2020. The appointees are three scholars including Li Lingkang, vice chairman of Expert Committee on Diagnosis & Treatment and Coverage for Rare Disease Under National Health Commission, executive director of China Alliance for Rare Disease; Zhang Yongzhe, dean of School of Continuing Education of CPU; Wang Xinran, vice dean of School of Traditional Chinese Pharmacy of CPU .

During the ceremony, Prof. Ma Aixia, dean of our school, briefed the three appointees on general situations of MPA program. And then the appointment decision was announced by Zhu Hong, secretary of CPC Committee of our school. In the end, letters of appointment were issued to them respectively by Prof. Ma Aixia.

After the ceremony, an academic report on osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease) was delivered by Li Lingkang. And a hot interactive discussion was followed on research, clinical treatment of rare disease.